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Our Features

At BusinessPlus CFO, we offer a suite of innovative features designed to streamline your business operations and drive growth. Our solutions, including e-procurement, e-reimbursement, e-tendering, and e-sourcing, are complemented by a sophisticated workflow approval system and a no-code design for ease of use. We also leverage AI technology for data querying, GPT models in our native app, and vision recognition for invoice processing.

Explore our features to discover how BusinessPlus can transform your business.

E-Procurement and Budget Control

Streamline your procurement process and manage budgets effectively with our e-procurement and budget control feature. Achieve cost efficiency and transparency in your operations.

E-Reimbursement and Cost Allocation

Simplify expense management and allocate costs accurately with our e-reimbursement and cost allocation feature. Enhance financial control and accountability in your business.

E-Tendering and E-Sourcing

Optimize your sourcing process with our e-tendering and e-sourcing feature. Drive competitive pricing and ensure quality sourcing for your business needs.

Complicated Workflow Approval

Manage complex workflows effortlessly with our advanced approval system. Ensure process compliance and improve operational efficiency.

No-Code Design

Customize your business solutions easily with our no-code design feature. Empower your team to create solutions without the need for coding expertise.

Querying Your Data

Leverage our AI technology to effectively retrieve and utilize data from various sources. Enhance your decision-making with data-driven insights.

GPT Models on Our Native App

Experience the power of GPT models in our native app. Improve user interaction and drive business innovation.

Vision Recognition for Invoices and Receipts

Automate your invoice processing with our vision recognition technology. Streamline your accounts payable system and improve processing efficiency.

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